Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mood Concept

Here's an early scenario/mood concept. The goal is to try to find a nice atmosphere with the light, shading, tones and a little dust. This one is a bit far from being ideal, but it's a good start I think.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Paper House

We already have a script. Now the animatics and the first test models are in production.
This is our first "paper house" test. The Goal of the tests are to produce Low Poly Models that reminds real paper models. Has been made by Diogo, one of the newest members of the team.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Early Concepts (1)

This is one of the first draws I did from the project.
Was made with Gimp 2.2 using the ink tool.

Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day (about us)

Detail Library started (in 2007) as the first open movie project of a small group of artists, teachers and students (the members of this blog), reunited just for the production of it. The purpose of the project was to use it as laboratory of studies for the pupils of the school of arts "Casa dos Quadrinhos" (located in Brazil) using only open source (and freeware when needed) tools like Blender and GIMP.

We call this project of: "Paper Orange Project". The "orange" name comes from the first open movie project, produced by The Blender Foundation: Orange. But the "Paper"... well, in the certain time we will show to you the reason of the "Paper".

In the last years the project has grown a lot, it's no longer just a short movie project. The Detail Library will be a virtual space of knowledge transit that allows the constant interconnection between elements that instigate narratives – Promoting, this way, the collaborative creation of entertainment products. The project began to rise it's conceptual structure in 2007, having Blender Foundation open movie projects as a major inspiration. Presently, the Detail Library Committee counts with the support of Abuzza Filmes Productions and the NGO Contato.

The project plans the creation of a creative and interactive content portal. The material will be organized as a virtual city – San Corisco – An open set in which creators can add graphic, symbolic or historic elements, making it a place for free art that is in constant growth.

It is intended for the Library to be a support trough which a collective narrative can be created and realized as entertainment products placed in the same virtual space. The products are responsible for the historical and cultural development of this space.

Throughout the whole process the use of free and open-source software is indispensable, once that all the files in it must be exchangeable. In this context, Blender becomes one of the main tools that allow knowledge and information sharing.

Main goals of the Paper Orange Project:

1- Create it in way that enforces the procedural development of knowledge
2 - Democratize the production of entertainment products
3 - Promote the development of a virtual space with it's own historic and cultural values, ones that are build from constructive points of view and philosophies.
4 - Drink lots of coffee.