Friday, September 14, 2007

A small Announcement

This time its not about Paper, its about "clay" (na verdade é massinha... rs). Just letting you know that our "Blender Ad" its finished... and we just put it as a entry for the Suzanne awards 2007, wish us luck! :)
Animation made by Daniel Pinheiro Lima (Prenudos), Filipe Soares Dilly (Filsd, ME : )), Victor Monticelli (MZK) and Eduardo Damasceno.
Made with Blender (DAH!), GIMP and Audacity in Ubuntu linux.

HI quality Download version (you will be redirected to "Media Fire"):

Flash Version:

Snakes Can Fly - Blender Ad from detail library on Vimeo.


John said...

haahha, mto bom
a musiquinha fico ducaralho

Sergio Saleiro said...

já dizia a música: "i belive i can fly".

Fir. said...
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Fir. said...


Drak said...

mto legal!