Friday, December 26, 2008

Blender PRO' 2008


Long time no see (again)!

Well, this year passed quickly. Many things going on for every one, every where. Many of this things influenced our time (like studies and work) and the Short progressed slowly on the second part of 2008. Due to this lapse in time some decisions on the execution of the design where made, good ones actually. I really hope that in this holiday we will progress faster with most of the artists working at the same time (and posting more often here!).

Despite that some nice things happen and one of then was the Blender PRO 2008. "Blender PRO" is a Brazilian conference of Blender artists and developers, showing their works using our beloved 3d program. And guess who was there?! :)

Daniel and me (Filipe) where there showing our work with Blender. I showed how I teach CG 3d using Blender (the methodology and results) and Daniel made a nice presentation of the Paper Orange Project - The Detail Library. Daniel showed some progress that we didn't posted yet here and talked about the reasons and differences of the project on its inspirations (see the link on the right "About - The Project" for details).

The reaction of the people who were there was great! They where impressed by the quality showed so far by Daniel and asked some technical and non-technical questions.

I would like to thank the organizers of Blender PRO 08 and all its participants: Thank you!

Have a good End and New year! =)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Help us to win the AniBoomAwards!!!

Long time no see!

Well, we have been busy. But by now we'd like to ask for your help:
We are competing in the AniBoom Awards 2008. This is a comunity voting competition. You can help us win by just seeing the animations to the end, rating them and passing it foward.

To know how to help us even more please visit: LINK

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at aniBoom

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at aniBoom

Part of the prize will be given to the creators of the winner animation, but most will be used in this project, in order to keep it alive!

Thanks in advance. =)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We had a lot of trouble concepting our little town for it has to be like an old pirate town. So we chose to put in some ancient buildings, thus creating a mood for San Corisco. Of course, the buildings, once beautiful and majestic, end up being just another place on which to poster some advertisement. Swallowed by publicitary sheets, San Corisco becomes a war zone for the visual pictures, each one fighting for some portion of the valuable space. Since advertisement is the key for success in business, shopkeepers, magicians, businessmen, showmen and the like spare no effort in making themselves known in the streets. In this scene, we tried to make our city a kind of stage for all this struggle to the top of the business pyramid.

There are some beautiful trees, used as a substract for the unmerciful publicitary advertisement. Those trees were probably placed once in a nicer context; however all the visual pollution kinda killed all the bucolic aspects of the town.

Now here is a train depot: the chaotic intertwined lines are meant to give the idea of a unplanned town, as if the building had been improvised.

Here is a concept of one of the houses, always trying to recall early XXth century buildings.

That’s one of the first concepts of a once beautiful square, in the middle of the town. Probably it should have some more trees, but it can be easily seen like this.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Posters, posters and posters.

First, some words about the basic purpose of a poster. Since its creation it is used to transmit any news, to decorate or simply to be nailed where can not.

Second, some words about the role of posters in the movie. Suppose the three basic functions of a poster: inform, decorate and occupy space. In the city of San Corisco the functions of informing and decorate became obscured by the enormous number of posters. And it is this huge amount of posters that I do.

Miles of posters will be developed for implementation in the short and all follow some basic rules for not to get lost in the midst of them:

-We must remember that the posters are of the century XIX and must have a design of that era; -To maintain some organization will be divided into three groups: first, second and third plan, according to the evidence that will in the movie;
-Each group will divide into subgroups of subjects.

Using as an example the theme News, responsible for exposing things, then, would be considered news, I show a poster for the launch of the Ketchup:

As you can see, there is the application of an old design, the logo of the subgroup News, the logo of the manufacturer and the traditional realistic picture that was much used on posters of the that time, besides an good layout (in colors and nostalgic typography) to create a agreeable poster.

In addition to exploring issues such as News, posters will be developed for manufacturers of absurd things, old films and other more that I will leave to say later.

I hope I have managed to pass for you as a bit of the posters have weight on the short and on our organization for their development. Any questions or something to add, I will be happy to answer your comments.

If you have found any misspellings please let me know ;)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Gadanthara RIG

This is the RIG of our main character: Gadanthara.

As you can see in the video below, he's naked so far, but in the short we will make use of simulations in his clothes (thanks to the Dev who made Cloth Sim!). As these simulations will be made after the Animators finish the Shots, they will work with him naked. Well, not completely naked since he is wearing these cute boots. :)

Gadanthara RIG from detail library on Vimeo.

Link to Hi Def OGG (redirected to Media Fire):

I hope I have managed to show something of the RIG for you. Feel free to ask anything about the rig on the comments.
Thanks! And see you in my next post! (who knows? about Cloth maybe? or shading... :))

Friday, July 18, 2008

Our first animation tests.

This is our main character, naked!

None of these animation tests are part of our short movie. They were made only to test the RIG of Gadanthara (the main character). Thanks to these tests we were able to find a lot of bugs and correct them. The RIG is quite OK now. We will post more animation tests soon.

Animtion tests - Gadanthara from detail library on Vimeo.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Main Character's Design 01

In the process of finding the right look for our main character many things were tried and tossed away. Here's a part of that process and the final design for it. On screen you'll only see him with his raincoat on, although, during the design process I usually made him naked first, since he's body is so peculiar. And I really wanted the raincoat to be "on" something. Gadanthara (that's the name of our main character, later in some other post we dive deeper in story maters.) is quite a good challenge artistically speaking, his dark body in front of dark environments, the thin dark hands that need to be able to make subtle moves in a way that it doesn't end up looking like a black gloo or something. But he's quite the good guy, so we do what we need to make his world believable. Enjoy it!

One of the first ones, that's not even a raincoat! And his wearing this weird paints...

our fist chubby try out

clothes on!

The stretch line, trying out lots of different silhouettes in order to avoid missing something for not experimenting.

Almost there

And here he is:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

More of our works...

... and quick updates.

In case you had not yet seen: Our Video page in Vimeo is updated with more animations made by some of the team members of The Detail Library Committee (as Daniel kindly calls us). Not all were made using Open-Source software because some were made a few years ago (when not yet had "migrated"), but most of them were (read the descriptions for more details on this).

Now to the project itself:

Sorry for the abstinence of posts... Most of the team are busy with work and study. But we are working hard here to get the base things for the beginning of animation. One of then is the Main Character RIG, and its almost finished! :D
You can expect a awesome video in "Nathan ("peach") style" from me when the animators say "OK" to the Rig. :)

I would also like to congratulate the personnel of the project Peach for the awesome work. Congratulations guys!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our First Interview

If you look in some Comments in the two (or three) past posts you'lll find some preliminary conversations between me and "Dalai Felinto". Dalai runs a very nice Blog (in Portuguese) where he talks about CG and (of course) Blender. He made us some questions and three of us (Damasceno, Daniel and Me 'Dilly') answered.

He will divide it in Three parts, the first one is out and our Art Director "Eduardo Damasceno" is the chosen one. :)

Update: All the tree interviews are now published.

Link to the interviews (Portuguese only): Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3

Many thanks to Dalai for the interest in our project!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Storyboard

Well, the animatic is complete. We have some timing adjustments, but everything for the storytelling is finished.
Here is some random shots from our storyboard:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Welcome Henrique, Clério and Filipe César.

Another quick post to give a Welcome to our new members: Henrique Perini, Filipe César and The Great Clério Viana. They will be basically our "first animation team", since we also have tons of scene for animating, These guys will help us to create the style of this animation.

Welcome aboard!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Welcome Victor!

Quick post to give a Welcome to our new member: Victor Monticelli. Victor will be basically a "modeler of scenery", just what we need, since we have tons of scene for modeling!

Welcome aboard Victor! :)

PS: You can find a link to his site in the "Team" menu.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Color Concepts II

The animatic is almost done, the first models are being made, but for now I'm posting more color concepts, it's nice to compare with the first ones (published in Sunday, September 30, 2007).
Probably now we can update the blog with more frequency, since we have a ton of draws.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Paper test

Short Shading / texture / Rig Test made some time ago (about one month). Things like render time and memory consumption was tested to. Several things are not so good: Like the "Edges" of the paper folds. But this shows how the paper can be in the short.

Made using development versions of Blender (Revision 13xxx, I think). Making use of things like: Mesh Deform Modifier and AAO and new Constraints. GIMP for texture manipulation.

This one is the last paper test, since we are aiming for a different design for the whole movie (in the original idea everything would be done as if it were made of paper). But make no mistake: we still have allot of paper on the movie and this "Paper" is crucial for the history of the short.

But design decisions, character concepts and other things are parts of the next posting...

Flash Version:

Paper test from detail library on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

We are still alive!

A couple of months passed and we didn't post anything here. But this not means that we are not working. We are working, but some things get slowed (mostly) because of Work/Job.

Things that are (or mostly) done:

- The script is finally done. We are still open to making some adjustments, mainly because of the design that the film will take.
- The "Production Roadmap" is basically ready. We must make some adjustments mainly because of how (and when) the Contributors will Contribute.
- The research on the techniques and tools that we need to use / learn is mostly done.

Now for the actual begin of the "heavy" production we need to finish de Animatic (hopefully this month will be done) and much more Concepts. Also a Meeting with all the Team and Contributors will be realized in the middle (or end, if late) of this month.

At least a nice sketch of the city made by Sergio Saleiro: