Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our First Interview

If you look in some Comments in the two (or three) past posts you'lll find some preliminary conversations between me and "Dalai Felinto". Dalai runs a very nice Blog (in Portuguese) where he talks about CG and (of course) Blender. He made us some questions and three of us (Damasceno, Daniel and Me 'Dilly') answered.

He will divide it in Three parts, the first one is out and our Art Director "Eduardo Damasceno" is the chosen one. :)

Update: All the tree interviews are now published.

Link to the interviews (Portuguese only): Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3

Many thanks to Dalai for the interest in our project!



Lucas Terra said...

Damasceno e sua turminha de artistas. Que orgulho!

Dalai Felinto said...

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the materials to the interviews!

The second part is already online (in Portuguese too) -

See you,

cláudia jussan said...

que emoção!!!;)o dalai lama em pessoa!oh sorry, I mean, dalai lama himself doing the interview.oh god I can´t trust in my yes.getting higher guys, huh?!good job!

cláudia jussan said...

my eyes are not so good anymore...humpf

Dalai Felinto said...

So well done!

The last (but not least) part of the interview is online.

Check it out :)