Sunday, June 8, 2008

More of our works...

... and quick updates.

In case you had not yet seen: Our Video page in Vimeo is updated with more animations made by some of the team members of The Detail Library Committee (as Daniel kindly calls us). Not all were made using Open-Source software because some were made a few years ago (when not yet had "migrated"), but most of them were (read the descriptions for more details on this).

Now to the project itself:

Sorry for the abstinence of posts... Most of the team are busy with work and study. But we are working hard here to get the base things for the beginning of animation. One of then is the Main Character RIG, and its almost finished! :D
You can expect a awesome video in "Nathan ("peach") style" from me when the animators say "OK" to the Rig. :)

I would also like to congratulate the personnel of the project Peach for the awesome work. Congratulations guys!


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