Thursday, September 4, 2008

Posters, posters and posters.

First, some words about the basic purpose of a poster. Since its creation it is used to transmit any news, to decorate or simply to be nailed where can not.

Second, some words about the role of posters in the movie. Suppose the three basic functions of a poster: inform, decorate and occupy space. In the city of San Corisco the functions of informing and decorate became obscured by the enormous number of posters. And it is this huge amount of posters that I do.

Miles of posters will be developed for implementation in the short and all follow some basic rules for not to get lost in the midst of them:

-We must remember that the posters are of the century XIX and must have a design of that era; -To maintain some organization will be divided into three groups: first, second and third plan, according to the evidence that will in the movie;
-Each group will divide into subgroups of subjects.

Using as an example the theme News, responsible for exposing things, then, would be considered news, I show a poster for the launch of the Ketchup:

As you can see, there is the application of an old design, the logo of the subgroup News, the logo of the manufacturer and the traditional realistic picture that was much used on posters of the that time, besides an good layout (in colors and nostalgic typography) to create a agreeable poster.

In addition to exploring issues such as News, posters will be developed for manufacturers of absurd things, old films and other more that I will leave to say later.

I hope I have managed to pass for you as a bit of the posters have weight on the short and on our organization for their development. Any questions or something to add, I will be happy to answer your comments.

If you have found any misspellings please let me know ;)


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