Friday, December 26, 2008

Blender PRO' 2008


Long time no see (again)!

Well, this year passed quickly. Many things going on for every one, every where. Many of this things influenced our time (like studies and work) and the Short progressed slowly on the second part of 2008. Due to this lapse in time some decisions on the execution of the design where made, good ones actually. I really hope that in this holiday we will progress faster with most of the artists working at the same time (and posting more often here!).

Despite that some nice things happen and one of then was the Blender PRO 2008. "Blender PRO" is a Brazilian conference of Blender artists and developers, showing their works using our beloved 3d program. And guess who was there?! :)

Daniel and me (Filipe) where there showing our work with Blender. I showed how I teach CG 3d using Blender (the methodology and results) and Daniel made a nice presentation of the Paper Orange Project - The Detail Library. Daniel showed some progress that we didn't posted yet here and talked about the reasons and differences of the project on its inspirations (see the link on the right "About - The Project" for details).

The reaction of the people who were there was great! They where impressed by the quality showed so far by Daniel and asked some technical and non-technical questions.

I would like to thank the organizers of Blender PRO 08 and all its participants: Thank you!

Have a good End and New year! =)