Sunday, February 17, 2008

Paper test

Short Shading / texture / Rig Test made some time ago (about one month). Things like render time and memory consumption was tested to. Several things are not so good: Like the "Edges" of the paper folds. But this shows how the paper can be in the short.

Made using development versions of Blender (Revision 13xxx, I think). Making use of things like: Mesh Deform Modifier and AAO and new Constraints. GIMP for texture manipulation.

This one is the last paper test, since we are aiming for a different design for the whole movie (in the original idea everything would be done as if it were made of paper). But make no mistake: we still have allot of paper on the movie and this "Paper" is crucial for the history of the short.

But design decisions, character concepts and other things are parts of the next posting...

Flash Version:

Paper test from detail library on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

We are still alive!

A couple of months passed and we didn't post anything here. But this not means that we are not working. We are working, but some things get slowed (mostly) because of Work/Job.

Things that are (or mostly) done:

- The script is finally done. We are still open to making some adjustments, mainly because of the design that the film will take.
- The "Production Roadmap" is basically ready. We must make some adjustments mainly because of how (and when) the Contributors will Contribute.
- The research on the techniques and tools that we need to use / learn is mostly done.

Now for the actual begin of the "heavy" production we need to finish de Animatic (hopefully this month will be done) and much more Concepts. Also a Meeting with all the Team and Contributors will be realized in the middle (or end, if late) of this month.

At least a nice sketch of the city made by Sergio Saleiro: