Sunday, June 28, 2009

Snakes Can Fly HD!

Hi all!

We are really sorry for the lack of posts (again). To many "things" going on for the Team, but these "things" will be topic of another post. (soon I hope) =)

Today I have the pleasure to announce that our short Blender Ad - Snakes Can Fly - is on line in HD. No, not only the video file, but the complete 3d scene! All Licensed in Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported! =D
Not only that, but we "fixed" the blend file to work with the newer version of Blender (2.49a) and improved the textures to work on HD resolution.
The only thing missing is the final animation (when the blender logo turns in "blender it") because it's done in GIMP GAP, not in Blender. But these files will be uploaded soon (and then we will edit this post).

The reason for updating the files is that the guys from Animux re-rendered the animation on HD resolution and will show it on Siggraph 2009! Awesome! =D

A huge thanks from the Detail Library Team to the Animux team.

Here are the links:
3d files
1080p video

Enjoy. =)