Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Detail Library site is ON! - Novo site da Biblioteca no AR!

Hi everyone!

We finally finished migrating / learning (how) / to create the new site, completely done in Wordpress. You can access the new home of the project addresses: .

For now there are only old posts on this blog, but next week we will begin a series of posts on the new path that the project will follow and about a animation project we started, with an average of one posting per week.

We apologize for the delay, but we're COMPLETELY newbies creating websites, even when it is well automated and with beautiful interfaces (like Wordpress).

We thought long and hard before choosing our hosting services, thinking about the future of the Library and its Projects. Now we have the necessary space and infrastructure that the project requires!

Thanks for all the support and do not forget to spread the word. =)

Happy New Year to all,
The Committee.


Finalmente terminamos de migrar / aprender (a fazer) / criar o novo site, completamente feito no Wordpress. Você pode acessar a nova casa do projeto nos endereços: .

Por enquanto existem apenas os antigos posts deste blog, mas semana que vem começaremos uma serie de postagens sobre o novo caminho que o projeto vai seguir e sobre o projeto de animação que começamos, com uma média de uma postagem por semana.

Pedimos desculpas pela demora, mas é que nos somos COMPLETAMENTE novatos em criação de sites, mesmo quando isto é bem automatizado e com belas interfaces (como o Wordpress).

Pensamos bastante antes de escolher nossos serviços de hospedagem, pensando no futuro da Biblioteca e dos Projetos. Agora temos o devido espaço e estrutura que o projeto exige!

Muito obrigado por todo o suporte e não se esqueçam de espalhar a noticia. =)

Feliz ano novo a todos,
O Comitê.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fully open source! Totalmente Aberto!


Many of you already know that our project touches different concepts of "open technology and creativity". For this reason we decided to migrate to the blogging platform Wordpress. The migration is already being done and should be ready in early December (though we do not know the wordpress manage, we are learning now... =)). Hopefully, we finish the move, have our own blog on our server and our new domain: The domain we already have, but for now he directs to this blog. Use it to access our site, so when the new blog is in the air you "fall" into it. =) When we finish one last note posted in this blog. Thanks to Blogger for the excellent service so far!


Muitos de vocês já sabem que nosso projeto toca diversos conceitos de "tecnologia e criatividade aberta". Por esta mesma razão decidimos migrar para a plataforma de blogs Wordpress. A migração já está sendo feita e deve ficar pronta no inicio de dezembro (entenda que não sabemos gerenciar o wordpress, estamos aprendendo agora... =)). Esperamos, ao terminarmos de migrar, ter nosso blog em nosso proprio servidor e com nosso novo domínio: .
O domínio nos já temos, mas por enquanto ele direciona para este blog. Use-o para acessar nosso site, desta forma quando o novo Blog estiver no ar você "cairá" nele. =)
Quando terminarmos postamos uma ultima nota neste Blog. Obrigado ao Blogger pelo excelente serviço até então!

When this new blog is in the air we'll start a weekly series of articles explaining what this project is about. Special thanks to all who talked to us in the Blender Conference 2010 on our project, you helped us better understand how to explain this crazy project to the world. =)

Quando este novo blog estiver no ar vamos dar inicio a uma série de artigos semanais explicando do que este projeto se trata. Um agradecimento especial a todas as pessoas que conversaram conosco na Blender Conference 2010 sobre nosso projeto, vocês nos ajudaram muito a entender melhor COMO explicar este projeto maluco para o mundo. =)



Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to the present!


As you (readers of this blog) must know, last week we've been attending the Blender Conference 2010 to present our new (and crazy) project to the community. And now, here we are, back to Brazil, to tell you how it went. (That's after we arrived and went almost directly to our classrooms where our students were waiting for us.) it was a rough arrival!

We went to the Netherlands with our heads in the clouds (not just literally), thinking only in presenting our project and sow the feedback from people. After all these years, mainly in the last months, all our thoughts are around this project. In one instance, it was very pretentious of us to think that this was the thing to care about: to present the project. Luck for us that we have this wonderful community that, not only make this incredible tool, butl also reminded us again of what really matters: The community itself and the interchange that it provides. And that is very appropriate, once our project is about community and all the things that can be developed trough interchangeability. We forgot that for a moment but you were very quick in reminding us - and for that we are very thankful!

The event was great. It was wonderful to be in a place where ideas converge to common points and everybody speaks in the same language. And speaking of that, we had some trouble with our messy english, but people seemed willing to understand so that was ok. We were astonished by the quality of the presentations and with the competence of the participants. Congratulations to each and everyone of you.

Unfortunately, (or would be fortunately?) our presentation didn't go as we expected and due to a series of reasons that will go by without further explanation (one of them being plain and simple anxiety), we ended up disappointed of how the whole thing went. Nonetheless, to our surprise, the people that where there watching us came down and started asking us more about the project, and they seemed really interested!!
Thanks to all of you that showed interest in our presentation and in our work.

Once the presentations were done we went for the real deal - food and drinks!! That's when we managed to get to know each other better. And we would really like to thank some of you particularly for being such nice guys: Dalai, Nelson, Raimon, Kapil, Thomas Thoma and his brother, Adji, Francesco, Luca, Wolfgang, Hugo, Ramon, Pablo - let's go for a bite to eat (and a pint) sometime! It was a great pleasure getting to know you let's please keep in touch.

Holanda 24

And finally, there's Amsterdam. What a nice place. We enjoyed not just the nice museums, but people everywhere where very nice to us. We have tons of pictures, and we were amazed by how the place looks so much with the island-city of San Corisco that we have imagined. Unfortunately, we weren't able to visit the Blender Foundation on Monday, but next year we hope we'll be there!

Once again, thank you so much for everything. And as we promised, here goes the files for the presentation - in 3D (we used BGE to create the slides), in PDF and the presentation text in ".rtf" and ".odt".

3d Slides (.blend), 2d Slides (PDF), Text in English.

See you all in the next conference!

All the best.

The Detail Library Committee

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blender Conference 2010

I'm just passing here to tell you that we will be at the Blender Conference 2010! =D
We do not just be there, but we also will present our project: The Detail Library at the conference in a lecture.

Estou apenas passando para dizer que nos estaremos na Blender conferencia 2010! =D
Nós não apenas estaremos lá, como também vamos apresentar nosso projeto: The Detail Library na conferencia em uma palestra.

It took us to announce it because we were working things out for the travel and we were "entertained" with the creation of the presentation and article.
So expect the Conference to learn what it is about this project!

Demoramos para anunciar isso porque estávamos resolvendo as coisas para a viajem e ficamos "entretidos" com a criação da apresentação e artigo.
Então esperem pela Conferencia para saber do que se trata este projeto!

See you there! (For those going =))

Até lá! (para quem vai =))

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More than one short! - Mais que um curta!

About one year ago The Detail Library stopped being only about an animated short, and now the project involves the connection of multiple narratives. Anyway we choose to start off with animation. For that reason we antecipate the next productions. We already have the animatic for the second short and we're working on the script for the third.

A Biblioteca de pormenores deixou de ser, à cerca de um ano agora, o projeto de um curta de animação apenas para abranger várias narrativas interligadas, no entanto, a àrea de atuação que escolhemos para iniciar o trabalho foi animação. Sendo assim, nós nos antecipamos e já preparamos o animatic completo do segundo curta da Biblioteca e atualmente estamos trabalhando no roteiro do terceiro.

Here are some concepts from the short Joana (wich already have the animatic)
Aqui estão algumas artes conceituais do curta Joana (que já possui animatic)

And here are some concepts arts from the short Burians (script in development):
E aqui algumas das artes conceituais do curta Burians (Roteiro em desenvolvimento):

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Changes in Project, BlenderNation and...

We update the post about "The Project" (link also on the side) to better describe the direction the project is taking.

All this because our project was reported at BlenderNation site, to our surprise! = D
Thank you, BlenderNation, for the news. It means a lot to us!

If not for the BlenderNation putting us on the news of the day, so we would probably post something when we had something very big and important to communicate (and we have such kind of news to report, but we expect that certain things are confirmed before talking about them).

And... In the coming months we will know for sure about many things, including the types of financing the project will have.

Thanks again for all the support! =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Raising funds

Last month we've kept ourselves busy with the presentation of the the Detail Library Project in order to try and get some fundraising. One of the pieces of the presentation is a little teaser trailer. The production of a propper teaser, with the 3D models and sets would costs us a money that we don't have (it's a fundraising initative after all), that being said, we've went for an intermediary solution. We've cutted a teaser out of our animatic and did some make up work on it - coloring the sets and redrawing the character. It will not just help our future sponsors to visualize the project, but also have helped us to padronize the design of our main character. The following video is a compilation of some of the parts that we've used for the presentation, to avoid spoilers some parts have been removed. The segment of the music theme was composed by Marcio Brant specialy for the production, and as the animation, the music is only a preview and will finalized as soon as someone drops a coin in our hat.

Promo Teaser (animatic) from detail library on Vimeo.

This second video is an edition with segments of our original animatic so you can compare. The most notable thing is how diferent the design of the main character is.

Promo Teaser (Original Storyboard Art) from detail library on Vimeo.

Made with GIMP and Blender.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The real thing

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay again! (I swear I'll stop talking about it...)

For our new project (from which we still can not talk much about) we've asked a friend from work, Edvaldo Vieira, who's very good with modeling - to make a statue of the main character in the short: Gadanthara. Gadanthara is the strange figure dressed in the yellow raincoat, he is an employee of The Detail Library (in the history).

Edvaldo (or Eddie) is an excellent artist who has done work as designer and sculptor for large enterprises. The only problem is that he doesn't have his work published on the internet! =P

We've asked him how was the experience of work in this model:

"I really liked, was very nice to work on something different from my usual work (superheroes and advertising). The designs of Eduardo Damasceno are very different even from the animations that go out today. I really want to (when I have time) make more models for the project!"

Here is some images of the model:

And we love the result! Actually we like so much that we are reviewing the model and RIG of the character thanks to the excellent work of translating the 2D to 3D design that Eddie did!

Thanks Eddie!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

3d pre visualization timelapse

Ooops, we did it again. =P
Our last post was in November 25, of 2009! That's months already! We apologize again for that. But this time, we apologize in a more appropriate way: showing you new work we've been doing in the short!

Just to not leave anything blank, we should say that we finished the project: Pirates x Ninjas x Robots x Cowboys. The pilot was not among those chosen to become the TV series, but the work was praised and the kids liked it (hey, this is what matters!). =)

Ok, so we finished the AnimaTV project. And, among other things (like experience), we gained the opportunity to work in a production company with experience producing live action movies and TV shows: Abuzza filmes.

And now we're in a production house, so we are obligated to produce. And what is the project that we've been waiting to get going? The Detail Library, of course! So begins our plan for world domination: We did the bible of the project and prepare it for fundraising, either trough government culture incentive laws and edicts, or in other ways (we can not comment yet). All this is leading the project to other directions, we will still do the short, but we want it to result in "much more" than the production files released under a Creative Commons license.

The direction the project will take now is still uncertain, but know that we're working hard on it. When we have news we will post (hopefully it will not take so long this time).

But as I said before, this post is not just to give you the news, we will also show some work. During the last months we were working on things that would help the project look more "attractive". Each one of us (Me, Daniel and Damasceno) then had a specific work: Mine was to do a preview of how it would be the final look of the film. Attention to the word PREVIEW: The image you see below is just that, a preview.

So I kindly asked to our beloved art director Eduardo Damasceno to paint a concept art to guide me and serve as a starting point. Also sat with our director, Daniel Pinheiro, to decide which view of the city to use. We decided for a key point in the short, but before it get's to boring, let's concept art:

Deciding the location and with the concept art in hand I could get to work. I started checking all the material we had already done, finishing the buildings, poles and started making new constructions and posters. For the modeling and texturing of some buildings and poles I had the help of another artist: Diogo Coutinho. João Paulo modeled the character. Then came the assembly of all in one scene (using the wonderful Link system in Blender) and lighting. And was on the lighting and scene layout that I had more work: there were many elements, we had to portray a dirty town, polluted by posters but in a way that we could still read the image without getting lost. Not to mention an art director who speaks the same way he paints: intuitively. (don't get mad at me Duda. = P)(duda: my statements are clearer the the Himalayan mountain tops in the summer). That was a big challenge, took time, but I think we reached a good result:

We've had a total of 89 versions to reach that result, and I saved every one, here is a video showing the entire process of creation:

Detail Library - 3d pre visualization timelapse from detail library on Vimeo.

Well, in short, that's it.
We still have numerous other news to give, and they all involve something to show you. But on my part that's all.

I hope you enjoyed the post and the 3d preview - and forgive me for any spelling error.

See ya! =)