Saturday, April 3, 2010

3d pre visualization timelapse

Ooops, we did it again. =P
Our last post was in November 25, of 2009! That's months already! We apologize again for that. But this time, we apologize in a more appropriate way: showing you new work we've been doing in the short!

Just to not leave anything blank, we should say that we finished the project: Pirates x Ninjas x Robots x Cowboys. The pilot was not among those chosen to become the TV series, but the work was praised and the kids liked it (hey, this is what matters!). =)

Ok, so we finished the AnimaTV project. And, among other things (like experience), we gained the opportunity to work in a production company with experience producing live action movies and TV shows: Abuzza filmes.

And now we're in a production house, so we are obligated to produce. And what is the project that we've been waiting to get going? The Detail Library, of course! So begins our plan for world domination: We did the bible of the project and prepare it for fundraising, either trough government culture incentive laws and edicts, or in other ways (we can not comment yet). All this is leading the project to other directions, we will still do the short, but we want it to result in "much more" than the production files released under a Creative Commons license.

The direction the project will take now is still uncertain, but know that we're working hard on it. When we have news we will post (hopefully it will not take so long this time).

But as I said before, this post is not just to give you the news, we will also show some work. During the last months we were working on things that would help the project look more "attractive". Each one of us (Me, Daniel and Damasceno) then had a specific work: Mine was to do a preview of how it would be the final look of the film. Attention to the word PREVIEW: The image you see below is just that, a preview.

So I kindly asked to our beloved art director Eduardo Damasceno to paint a concept art to guide me and serve as a starting point. Also sat with our director, Daniel Pinheiro, to decide which view of the city to use. We decided for a key point in the short, but before it get's to boring, let's concept art:

Deciding the location and with the concept art in hand I could get to work. I started checking all the material we had already done, finishing the buildings, poles and started making new constructions and posters. For the modeling and texturing of some buildings and poles I had the help of another artist: Diogo Coutinho. João Paulo modeled the character. Then came the assembly of all in one scene (using the wonderful Link system in Blender) and lighting. And was on the lighting and scene layout that I had more work: there were many elements, we had to portray a dirty town, polluted by posters but in a way that we could still read the image without getting lost. Not to mention an art director who speaks the same way he paints: intuitively. (don't get mad at me Duda. = P)(duda: my statements are clearer the the Himalayan mountain tops in the summer). That was a big challenge, took time, but I think we reached a good result:

We've had a total of 89 versions to reach that result, and I saved every one, here is a video showing the entire process of creation:

Detail Library - 3d pre visualization timelapse from detail library on Vimeo.

Well, in short, that's it.
We still have numerous other news to give, and they all involve something to show you. But on my part that's all.

I hope you enjoyed the post and the 3d preview - and forgive me for any spelling error.

See ya! =)