Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The real thing

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay again! (I swear I'll stop talking about it...)

For our new project (from which we still can not talk much about) we've asked a friend from work, Edvaldo Vieira, who's very good with modeling - to make a statue of the main character in the short: Gadanthara. Gadanthara is the strange figure dressed in the yellow raincoat, he is an employee of The Detail Library (in the history).

Edvaldo (or Eddie) is an excellent artist who has done work as designer and sculptor for large enterprises. The only problem is that he doesn't have his work published on the internet! =P

We've asked him how was the experience of work in this model:

"I really liked, was very nice to work on something different from my usual work (superheroes and advertising). The designs of Eduardo Damasceno are very different even from the animations that go out today. I really want to (when I have time) make more models for the project!"

Here is some images of the model:

And we love the result! Actually we like so much that we are reviewing the model and RIG of the character thanks to the excellent work of translating the 2D to 3D design that Eddie did!

Thanks Eddie!


Virgilio said...

Wow... amazing work! :)

Bruno Alberto said...

I love the character! :)

Great work!!

Filipe said...

Thanks for the comments! =)